Eco Schools

What is ECO Schools?

Eco-Schools is an international programme which aims to inspire and empower pupils to be the leaders of change in their communities and widens learning beyond the classroom to develop responsible attitudes and commitment, both at home and in the wider community.
Each school follows a seven step change process and empowers their young people to lead processes and actions wherever they can in the following areas; rubbish, reducing waste, transport, healthy living, energy, water, caring for the school grounds and global citizenship.
The Eco-Schools programme provides a structure which not only acts as a vehicle for delivering environmental education, but also provides the learners with real life experiences of influencing their school’s impact on the environment. It’s the pupils who drive the changes and monitor the results, providing them with a clear sense of action and consequence. These values obtained are much more meaningful than learning about the theory alone and makes environmental awareness and action a full part of the life and ethos of a school.
The programme is designed to be run by the pupils, with an adult co-ordinator acting as mentor and facilitator. It also highlights the importance of involving the wider community in those actions through participation, campaigns, active communication and action days. Feedback from schools has highlighted the enjoyment derived by staff and pupils of being part of the Eco-Schools programme. 
It’s a wonderful privilege to be with like-minded young people who want to ‘do their bit’ for the planet.

Who are the ECO Council?

The Eco Council are a group of enthusiastic pupils who have been elected by their peers to fulfil the role of enhancing and improving the Eco School.
Our aim in Ysgol Penboyr is to continue on building on and enhancing our eco-friendly school and to help make others aware of the importance to maintain a sustainable lifestyle.