Rhos Fach Class (Foundation Learning)

Rhos Fach accomodates pupils aged 3 – 7yrs. Children can attend school a term before their 4th birthday. This class is taught by Mrs Eleri Dufty with support from Miss Wendy Thomas, Mrs Helen Bowen and Mrs Emily Morgans-Hicks. 

Developing confident bilingual learners 

Rhos Fach operates through the medium of Welsh. We encourage and support every child to adopt and use the language within their time in our company. Our belief is that every child should have the benefit of using two languages fluently, as the Welsh language is as essential as the English language by today. Without a doubt, the ability of speaking both languages fluently will be extremely beneficial for your child within the future. 

Learning in the outdoors 

Learning in the outdoor environment is beneficial for various reasons: 

  • It’s exciting and motivates children’s learning
  • The outdoors means that they use their 5 senses.
  • It promotes independence
  • It develops children’s natural curiosity to explore, and their empathy towards our natural environment
  • The outdoors has a great effect on children’s wellbeing and their whole development: socially, physically, culturally, personally, whilst also developing their cognitive skills.

Learning to read and write 

Emphasis will be placed on developing children’s speaking and listening skills that set a solid basis for the development of reading and writing. 

Many young children enter education unable to talk about their feelings and experiences. These children are not motivated to read and write and see little value in the activities. Children who can share their feelings and talk about their experiences are far more motivated to record their thoughts and to read what others have written. It is important therefore, that all children learn to speak about their experiences and to listen to others so that they will want to develop the skills of reading and writing. 

If children enter education with well developed speaking and listening skills then staff will support them in moving forward. What will be important is that children are given the experiences that respond to their needs that will help them to learn successfully. 

Pupil voice

Planning learning activities together

The children’s interests are taken into account whilst planning the classroom’s activities – the children and staff have a planning session regularly to record questions, ideas and comment a theme we are about to study.