The Language Charter

What is the Language Charter?

Following the Government’s quest to reach one million Welsh speakers by 2050 and increase the number of individuals using the language on a daily basis, there is more emphasis than ever on seeing our schools produce confident bilingual speakers.

The Language Charter aims to encourage children to speak Welsh more often in social situations. The Welsh Government is responsible for leading the Charter; ‘In a word, inspiring our children and young people to use their Welsh in all aspects of their lives’ is the aim.

The Language Charter is an opportunity for everyone in the school community to play their part in promoting the use of Welsh – pupils, workforce, parents, governors and the wider community to ensure full ownership of the language

We at Hafodwenog are fully committed to the aims of the language charter and committed to establishing a strong sense of pride in the Welsh culture and Welshness of our pupils and families.

What are the benefits of the Language Charter?

You have already chosen a Welsh language education for your child and understand the benefits of being able to speak two languages. Here are just some of the benefits of being bilingual: